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There are many things that we have learnt since we started Kano. We’ve learnt that kids love the colour orange, that they want to learn but don’t like to be educated and that their obsession with Minecraft is truly something spectacular.

However, there was one more thing that we really wanted to learn. What do educators think? Is Kano a helpful tool to them, is it something that truly helps the class progress? Is their job made easier by an open-source, DIY, simple and fun computer like Kano?

So we went out and asked all the educators that have used Kano in their classroom to see how Kano has helped them in their technology, coding or computer science classes. Here is what we learnt:

What is the best thing kids learn with Kano?

“Learning that a computer is not a magical screen.” (Peter Weal)

“Once the kids put together the kits it becomes their personal kit, they learn respect and responsibility of the device.” (Michael Luetjen, Donna Klein)

“Kits are so easy to set-up and very appealing to kids, they love playing with them!” (Peter Weal)

How does Kano help education?

“I teach after-school robotics and coding classes at this point. I did bring a Kano kit to class as a pilot and I used it as an observation tool. This gave me huge insight with regard to developmental age, diverse learning styles and finger dexterity. Straight out of the box, I did a mini vocabulary lesson on just the components (Raspberry Pi, Dongle, SD card, etc). The students were wildly excited to share the new words they learned with their parents!” (Lisa Destiche)

“It’s being used at the local public school in their introduction to computing. As the scholars are Norwegian they get the bonus of learning English at the same time. The most engagement are being found in the musical use.” (Jan Henrik Flak)

What are the most popular apps in the classroom?

“Minecraft is a big hit.  I also really love that students get some experience with the command line.” (Joanna Doyle)

All apps help in their own way, Terminal Quest for the commands, Music and drawing are very popular in school setting. Minecraft and learning the programming environment within Minecraft, Pong and Snake for the simpler things.

*If you are an educator and want more information, please contact **AND *there is a special webpage coming soon with a ton of helpful material and content.

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