Introducing Snake, Kano's first open-sourced project


In the heart of London, a dozen kids are knee deep in computer parts and code blocks – suddenly, a young girl looks up at me with a bemused look and says, ‘Sir? What’s Snake?’

I was speechless. So many memories of the simple pleasures of playing cellphone snake – while waiting for the school bus or passing the time on the train – eyes glued to a Nokia 3310 and its tiny 1.5" single colour screen. How many millions of apples did we ’90s kids guzzle? And how many in this generation would love that classic mechanic if it was revived – and if they could remake it for themselves.

Candy Crush and Angry Birds – they owe it all to Snake, the first mega-mobile game. It was also one of the earliest ‘killer apps.’ People used to buy Nokia phones specifically for the games they could run.

That’s why I love that Kano OS is bringing Snake bang up to date – and this time it teaches you how to use the Linux shell.

Our version of Snake, which we’re open-sourcing today, is a command line game that lets you change sizes and themes with simple commands – it’s tailor-made for Raspberry Pi, but works on pretty much anything.

It’s a great teaching tool for beginners, easy to contribute to, and a fun game for anyone who wants to create their own version of Snake – check out our Wiki for *how you can collaborate.*

It’s just the first of several projects we’re going to be open-sourcing over the next few weeks, and we can’t wait to see the feature requests, bug fixes, improvements and new stuff you make using the Snake source code. Together we can make sure a whole new generation appreciates our apple-eating friend.

*The Snake source code is now available on Github – we’d love to hear what you think, so hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or our forum. *