How to make a screen anyone can make

(A sneak peek into building the screen that sneakily lets you peek inside)

Step 1: Make important decisions

  • FLEXIBLE: So that Kano can be used in different rooms.
  • OPEN: So that we stay true to our shared mission and aesthetic.
  • HD: So that we offer a high quality experience with a highly simple tool.

Step 2: Make first doodles

Be it a meeting break, or time for tea and cake, sometimes even the biggest projects can be born from a chat, a catch-up, or simple small talk in the office kitchen.

This is how designing The Screen Kit started:

Step 3: Make serious doodles

We brought in the people that gave life to your transparent Kano case, your sleek, shiny box and the (pretty iconic) orange keyboard.  
Jacky, from MAP, tells you a little bit more about your new screen:

## Step 4: Make experimental prototypes

Step 5: Make manufacturing prototype

We leave you with the photos that arrived today from China! This is by no means the final display. There’s a lot more involved in the design of a screen… Till next time!

Did you miss the previous Screen Kit update? You can find it here: [All Aboard?](

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