Hello Kano World


You’ve already read about and seen the photos of the crazy cool event we held at our HQ last weekend. Our first London Jam! 

We spoke to a fair few kids at the event, many of whom had never heard of Kano World. So we wanted to take a minute to walk you through it:

Introducing Kano World

Kano World is the digital home of all Kano creations, accessible via the planet icon on the Kano desktop or via the internet browser on any other computer.

Why sign up to Kano World-

It is important that you connect your kids Kano Computer with the online World in order to save their work, collect badges and safely connect with and follow other World users.

On World they will also find projects that teach them how to:

Understand the Internet

Create and debug simple programs

Understand the relationship between hardware and software

Undertake creative projects with this knowledge!

Once they are logged in to their online World profile via their Kano’s desktop, their World profile will sync with the OS – saving their progress as they complete the six levels on their Kano Computer.

How do I get on Kano World via the Kano Kit?

To log in to World on the Kano, go to the profile icon of a person in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you are logged in to World, it will show a small green circle. If you are not logged in, this will show a red x. 

  • Click on the profile icon and then click ‘Login’.
  • If you have already signed up to World, enter your details now.
  • If you have not signed up to World, click ‘Create New’ and enter your details.

If your child is under the age of 13, they will need a parent or guardian to activate the account by checking their email (make sure to check the spam folder!).

Once you have done this your kid’s Kano will sync with their online profile!


What can they do on Kano World?

On Kano World your child will find ways to learn and play with the Kano OS and Kit and to safely share their own work. Track their progress as they complete challenges on the OS and earn experience points to unlock Badges and more. 

What else can they do?

  • Sync and Backup the Kano OS
  • Create a Kano World Profile
  • View and share creations
  • Compete with thousands of Kano Creators
  • Complete Kano Challenges
  • Read the World News blog

We want Kano World to be an ever-evolving community hub powered by its users – so please tweet us your thoughts using the hashtag #KanoWorld or comment on this blog!

For full information on Kano World, please see the beautiful new about page.