Hello Kano my old friend - Kickstarter Update #20

# We’ve come to update you again…
  • Backers, you wowed us – now it’s our turn to wow you. We’re **on schedule **to deliver **all **of your rewards.
  • We’ve opened up preorder to the world, 86 countries and counting. Tell everyone!
  • We’re adding even more awesome to the kit

Did you miss us? Between packing slips and thousands of commits, we missed you too. You made Kano real. Now we’re going to make your computer kit absolutely revolutionary.

A sneak peek at Kano OS

A tech creation engine for all ages needs lean, fast code and clean, charismatic projects. That’s one of our core focuses. Here’s another:

Let’s get physical

Yes, that’s what it looks like. Bluetooth in the Kano Keyboard opens up a world of projects and possibilities – we’re testing, performance looks good, **[click here](https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=TeamKano) to hear first**. 

Places to be, people to see

Join us as we film artists and hackers worldwide on YouTube – and share stories of prank players and pizza parties on Facebook.

For you backer stars, we’ve relaunched Kano Talk: a forum, and so much more. There are channels for Kano OS hacks, classroom projects, design imaginings, translation teams, and more. Come hang:

# A year of code

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee scrawled an idea on a piece of paper. His lab manager said “promising, but vague.” That idea was the World Wide Web.

25 years later, we’ve teamed up with a bunch of bigwigs to make 2014 the Year of Code, a global campaign. Here’s Mathew, our community champion, making computers with George Osborne, chief honcho of the British treasury.

And here’s Education Secretary Michael Gove. Though we don’t agree with him on most things, we can definitely get behind this:
!["Kano is a revolutionary invention that will give thousands the chance to build their own computers."](https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/001/609/174/fd8f585153e46f5e9d13a8d880f456fe_large.png?1391799712)“Kano is a revolutionary invention that will give thousands the chance to build their own computers.”
Government bigwigs usually don’t get it. But this year, they’re helping Raspberry Pi, CoderDojo, us, and other awesome organizations bring technological creativity to all. 
#  What’s next? 

We can’t wait to see what you make with Kano.

To get it to you soon – perfect, and with polish – we’re working with a pretty extraordinary group of people. They’re called PCH, a team in Shenzhen (originally Irish), that ship Apple accessories, all Beats headphones, and the awesome LittleBits. Here’s the plan – same as it ever was.

# The vibes…

They’re beautiful. And the execution – on software, hardware, content, and more – even faster than we hoped.

We owe you incredible, and on time. We love you, eternally, and want to help. Have a question? Email us directly:

On delivery, school, or anything: get in touch.

We’re always here, and always listening.

Your pals,



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