Harry Potter Puzzle Solutions

UPDATE: 2nd Jan 2019

👋Hello, Aaron from Kano here. During the 70+ coding challenges in the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, you’ll come across some puzzles. Challenges where you’ll have to work out the code blocks needed to create a solution. You can skip them completely, or come back to them later when you think you’ve worked out the answer. 🤔

But if you need help (don't worry, it took me a little while to figure some of these out), below are videos of my personal solutions to all the challenges I’ve played so far. There are a few ways to solve each puzzle, so try different things out. Watch the videos, copy the code, and bookmark this page to keep it handy. We’ll be updating it with the full list as I play.

⚡️TIP TOP TIP⚡️ I find it easier to lay out all the code, especially the X and Y positions before connecting a wand motion block. That way I can see if my objects are in the right position first, without having to perform a spell motion every time 😛.

Immobilise the Bludger

Let’s start with a pretty straightforward one. Just use the Object: Pin block, and change Pin to Freeze. I used the Impedimenta spell motion, and added the Wand Rumble block, for a bit of fun.

Launch a Quaffle at the Goal Post

This puzzle is a little tricky. The number next to strength in the Object: apply force block needs to be large enough to launch the Quaffle into the air. I used 200. Then make sure the by direction uses the Wand X and Wand Y position blocks. Finally, add the Wand pointer re-centre block, and press the Coding Wand’s button once to launch the Quaffle in the direction of the wand pointer.

Pack the Quidditch Trunk

I found it easier to add the Object: Pin block first, change it to Freeze, then put all the Quidditch balls in the right positions using the X and Y coordinates. That way I could see if the Quidditch balls are in the right place first, without having to perform the Locomotor spell motion every time.

Stack Pumpkin Juice Bottles

You have to use three trunks to get the bottles in the right position. I used the Object: set angle block first, to stop the bottles falling over, then positioned the trunks and bottles, before adding the on Wand Up motion.

Gather Magical Objects

Add the Object: Pin block first, but change it to Freeze. Then put all the objects in the right position, before adding the Wand Down block. The Wand: rumble block is just for fun.

Fill the Trolley with Pumpkin Pasties

I found the puzzle works best when using the Object: Grow block changed to Set, rather than Shrink. Oh, and really small Pumpkin Pasties are very cute, so change 50 to 10 and enjoy.

Stop a Swarm of Spiders

The larger the number next to strength in the Object: apply force block, the further the spiders will go. Try a few numbers out. You don’t need the Object: spin block, but it’s fun to watch the Acromantula spin.

Create Perfect Size Pumpkins

You don't have to, but to be true to Harry Potter, I used the Engorgio spell motion to make two of the pumpkins big, then Reducio to make the third small. You could do it with one spell motion, but that would be weird!

Warm up the Dragon Egg

This takes time, but is really simple code. It’s so much fun getting the Hungarian Horntail Egg to spin. Can you get it into the fire without removing any of Hagrid’s stuff?

Create Water and Douse the Flames

You don't need to but I added the Wand: LED Colour block for an extra bit of glowing fun.

Conjure Chattering Teeth

Get in touch if you are stuck on any other challenges, or if you find any better solutions.

Aaron, Ravenclaw

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