Hacked by my grandson

Gear up and fasten your imaginary seat belts, for today we are taking you all the way to Indiana, where Greyson and his grandma are making with their Kano.

“What?! A grandson called Greyson and his grandma making code?!”, you might wonder. Not to gloat or guilt-trip… but read on how these two turned from gamers into experts!

Greyson, hacker, 6 years old

The calm of the night was interrupted by what seemed to be a glitch in an otherwise smooth system. A window popped up on grandma’s screen; a window she had never seen before and a window with an interesting view at that.

It read: “Cyber police

Good guy has hacked you

You are not gonna get away with this

Good guy Greyson hacked you”

Grandma didn’t know what to do. Could it be..? “Greyson is only 6 years old”, she thought to herself. How could he do that? 

We found Greyson and asked him how he got to that stage of hacking skills. Turns out, he was just playing and – with a curious mind – he explored all the dark corners of his very own computer.

Interview with Good Guy Greyson

What do you like doing with your Kano?

I program apps. I use it for paint, draw objects and made up objects and sometimes wallpaper.

**What’s the best thing about Kano? **

That I was able to set it up. It was binary, like thinking.

How has Kano helped you?

It help me to help program apps and I got better and better at it.

Is there something you made with your Kano that you really enjoyed or remember?

I remember when I set it up and programmed all of the apps. I have opened and played with Pong, Snake, Make Art, Minecraft, and Sonic Pi.

When do you use Kano?

In the evenings, before going to bed.

The first person (ever) to be proud they got hacked said…

Before you had Kano what did you, and Greyson, do at these times? Is Kano replacing another type of screen time or something else?

We played with the iPad and iPhone.

**Have you noticed any differences in Greyson since he started using Kano? **

He now loves to watch Youtube videos regarding anything to do with computers. He also knows ‘do’ commands, and has a better understanding of computers – old and new.

**Anything else you want to share? **

Greyson now loves anything to do with computers, and has self taught himself on these topics.

> Do you have a Kano story you’d like to share with us? You can do it here: [I am awesome and I want the world to hear it. ](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TDsyUa6M6ufXej-HHElVf_XBb8vPL0NGLHyyvRjpkIA/viewform)

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