Spanish Kano books available now! New translations incoming

Language is the silver thread that binds the tapestry of humanity together. Throughout the ages humans have created thousands of complex and beautiful ways to convey their thoughts and feelings, scratching them on simple stones, penning them on parchment paper, or tapping text on a tablet.

Two years ago, over 300 of you incredible linguists came together to support our first ever translation effort. In a matter of months the story books were translated into over 50 languages, with everything from Chinese and Russian, to Catalan and Welsh.

In 2014 we released the first set of digital books in 10 languages. Over the coming months our little company grew at an incredible rate and it became ever more difficult to dedicate enough time to the project to produce the high quality books you know and love.

We dropped the ball on this one, and for that we’re incredibly sorry. It’s an unfortunate part of being a startup that we can’t always do the things we desperately want to.

Doubling down on translations

We’re doubling down on community translations. That’s why today we’re delighted to release the latest Computer Kit and Screen Kit books in Spanish. They’re available right now at the link below.

Get the Spanish Computer Kit book

Get the Spanish Screen Kit book

We’re also opening up an entirely new translation page with the latest versions of the books so YOU, our fantastic community, can help us with the translation. We’re committing to providing the first three fully translated languages as digital downloads by Christmas this year!

Like previously, we are using Transifex as the tool to coordinate efforts. If you've never used it before you just need to head to our project page (create an account on Transifex if you don't have one yet) and request to join our project. We will review your requests and get you in as collaborator as soon as possible! From there is just a couple of clicks between you and the translation.

If you don't see your language in the list don't hesitate to click the "Request a language" button and suggest the one you want to translate to!

The Future

It was the support and skill of hundreds of talented translators that helped a scrappy startup make computing accessible to everyone, whatever their language. We can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do!

Team Kano x x

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