Get yourself a Kano Complete Kit for FREE on #AdaLovelaceDay!


Today is #AdaLovelaceDay (Ada Lovelace is considered the first female programmer in history and she was AWESOME) and we didn't want it to let it go without giving it a shoutout! To celebrate this event and also our ongoing #kanoKickstarter we want to give something back to our community.

We are kicking off another contest where you can be one of the winners of the 2 Kano Complete Kits (Computer + Screen) we are raffling away. Just check out the widget below to participate. Extra points if you check out our Kickstarter for Cameras, Speakers and LED Grids anyone can make!

There are multiple ways to participate and the more ways you complete the more entries you get and the better the odds of winning. Go ahead and tell your friends, sign up to our newsletter or share the page with others or all of the above. Good luck!

This giveaway will close on Tuesday 18th October at 2 P.M London time.

If you are one of the winners our team will reach out to you after the giveaway has ended, so they can gather your details to arrange the delivery of your kit.

Please note that due to logistical constraints this giveaway is open to participants from certain countries only. Please check the giveaway Terms & Conditions to verify you are eligible to participate.

This is Ada Lovelace, she was cool.

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