Get Started with Coding in the Classroom

At Kano, we want to make sure that everyone’s coding experience (teachers included!), is educational, fun, and sparks creativity.

We also understand that bringing a new device, or a new concept into the classroom can be a little overwhelming.

So, to help educators introduce Kano to the classroom, we partnered with MakeMatic, to create the “Get Started with Coding in the Classroom” professional development series.

Made up of 37, bite-sized videos, designed to make bringing coding into your classroom simple, the series covers:

  1. How to use play, storytelling, simple steps and “physical computing” in your approach to teaching.
  2. Tips and tricks and what to expect when you bring a new device to the classroom.
  3. Straightforward definitions of key terms.
  4. Live classroom activities to help you see how teachers run workshops.

Designed to ensure you feel confident using a Kano Computer Kit in the classroom from the get-go, this course is perfect for those that are new to coding, and is particularly well-suited to educators teaching grades 2-8.

Already confident with coding in the classroom?, We've got you covered too, with an activity set, you can tailor to the needs of more advanced learners.

Sign up to our Online Learning Portal with your Kano World account, to try it out now!

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