Get ready for a Kano Halloween


Last week we asked you to trick out your Kano, and you rocked our socks with your original designs – an absolute favourite has to be this custom Kano case built by Adam and Ben. Your Kano swag is on its way!


This week

For this week’s challenge things are going to get spooky, they are going to get creepy, there will be scares and frights and bites (and bytes!)

Here are a few suggestions to kickstart the all-hallowed fun:

  • Set the tone in your home by playing spooky music or scary sounds remotely by following our Wireless Airplay tutorial
  • Deck your home in orange! Host the tech-est Halloween party ever with Kano themed decorations; use this handy Kano template to carve your pumpkin a Kano face, or make Judoka bunting!


  • Create your very own Halloween theme in Snake or Pong by turning to page 15 of your Code Powers book and redesigning the look of the games.

And take it even further – come up with your own creations! Computer themed food, code themed parties – run wild in an orange world!

Submit your creepy creations to or tweet them with the hashtag #KanoChallenge before 9am (GMT) Monday October 2 for your chance to win some exclusive Halloween themed stickers.