Black Friday 2019: Five Fab Pixel Kit Unboxing Videos

It’s Black Friday, and here at Kano we’re kicking things off with a 50% discount on our Pixel Kit whilst stocks last!

With savings of 50% off the Pixel Kit, (from 28 November 2019, until 11:59PM on 9th December 2019) whilst stocks last, now is a great time to grab the Kano Kit that lets you code dazzling lights to make your own games, animations, and art!

For those of you that haven’t had a chance to check out the Pixel Kit, and its 16x9 grid of 128 RGB LEDs, we’ve pulled together Five Fab Pixel Kit Unboxing Videos that show you what to expect straight out of the box.


Unboxing + Review: Matthew Moniz + his little helpers learn to code with the Motion Sensor Kit and Pixel Kit

Unboxing: Ale and Kara unbox their Pixel Kit

Unboxing + Review: Explore Gadgets checks out the Pixel Kit

Unboxing: Sophia unboxes and builds her Pixel Kit

Unboxing + Review: Kevin the Tech Ninja takes a look at the Pixel Kit

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