Five Cool Kano Computer Kit Videos

It’s Black Friday, and here at Kano we’re super excited to share a fantastic deal on the Computer Kit!

With savings of $50 in the US, £50 in the UK, $70 in Canada, and €80 in the EU (from November 22th 2018, until November 26th 2018), now is a great time to grab the computer that anyone can build!

To help out the gift givers (we're looking at you Santa!) who are looking for deal and want to learn more about the Kano Computer Kit, and the future coders, who are super exited to see what they can create with code, we've pulled together Five Cool Kano Computer Kit Videos.


What’s Inside? - What’s Inside the WORLD’S FIRST Personal Computer?

Kano Livestream - Unboxing and Coding the Computer Kit

Linus Tech Tips - Learning to Code With My 5 Year Old

TechMeOut - I Built My Own Computer!

Twin Sun Studio - Kano Computer Kit 2017

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