Everyone, everywhere, loves a good story

# Shalom,

…from a little café in Tel Aviv, fresh off a week flying across South AfricaKenya, and Sierra Leone. We’re running on crushed coffee-beans and wacky Pong hacks and thinking, whoa, if this is the beginning of the story, what’s next?

We have nine days left – SHARE US (Twitter or FB), and we can make Kano with more projects, more languages, and an AMAZING robotics expansion kit.

Kano in your country

22 languages are in motion. Kano translators will be the very first to try all our software and content. Join us [here](http://getkano.co/worldtranslate) to help drive the next generation of creative computing.

Tell and teach your own story, with Kano art

Storybird let’s anyone, anywhere write and share their own storybook using beautiful open-source illustrations, crafted by artists around the world – [once you try, you’ll be hooked.](http://storybird.com/kano)

Teachers, introduce your kids to code with stories and characters! Parents, script your own tech-literate bedtime tales! Everyone, make your own graphic novels and poems with Kano!

NEW STRETCH GOAL – worldwide keyboard layouts

If we can get to **$1.5 MILLION, **we’ll localize our keyboard for the world’s three most-popular layouts, like so:

(Should we use [stickers](http://www.amazon.com/Crocodil-Graphics-Keyboard-Stickers-Protector/dp/B005WG47BU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386683933&sr=8-1&keywords=keyboard+sticker) or [covers](http://www.amazon.com/UPPERCASE-Ultra-Clear-Keyboard-Macbook/dp/B007FL6100/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1386683944&sr=8-2&keywords=keyboard+cover)?)
# The future

If we can keep pushing toward that magic $2 million mark, dreams like Bluetooth in the keyboard and a whole new web-maker Kano level will become feasible. Wherever we end up, we can thank the stars, the robots, the Raspberry Pi, the Linux kernel – but mostly, you guys. Your story, and your kits, are in worldwide motion. Nine days to see how far we can go…

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PS: Santigie, a boy we met in Africa, drew us this, and we promised to share with the world…

#  PPS: The prodigy, the DJ, the legend, [Kelvin Doe](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aQ2h3VaC3c)

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