Demystifying technology buzzwords: Pt. 2

Have you heard that drones are helping farming industries, the Raspberry Pi computer has sold over 12 million devices or that Javascript is becoming the new standard for coding?

What do these buzzwords really mean?

Last week, we turned five buzzwords into beautiful illustrations, with simple explanations... and promised you 5 more. Check them out below, then download and print out the complete poster for free.

What are Drones?

Drones - Aircraft that fly without a pilot onboard. They are controlled by a human on the ground or by a computer program.

Drones can deliver packages to your house, and help preserve forests and green areas. Filmmakers also use them to capture stunning images for movies and documentaries that humans just can't reach.

What is an IP Address?

IP Address - If you connect to the internet, your computer gets a unique number called an IP Address. Programs use your IP Address to talk to your computer. IP addresses allow devices to talk to one another across the globe. They are essential for our digital world, and we've been worried about running out of them since the late 1980s.

Where do I find Javascript?

Javascript - Javascript is a coding language used to make websites. It is the most popular coding language on the Internet Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages for coding websites. You probably interact with Javascript every day, when checking your Facebook profile, watching YouTube or reading your emails.

What can a Raspberry Pi do?

Raspberry Pi - A low-cost computer the size of a credit card. It gives more people the chance to create and play with computers. The Raspberry Pi is over 1 million times more powerful than the computers that sent us to the moon. This British product is the brain of the Kano Computer Kit and has made technology accessible to millions of people around the world.

What is a Server?

Server - A server is connected to other computers. It helps them store data, run programs, find information, send and receive messages and more Servers are the houses, buildings, and storefronts of the Internet, where data lives and programs are run. Sometimes they are physically located in remote places, like underwater or in the Artic to keep them cool.

Kano's mission is to empower anyone, anywhere to make and play with technology. Learn more about how we do this with our computer and coding kits.

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