Creative computing success!


A 30-day race has brought a new way of making to life.

Thanks to you, we’ve started placing orders. The first physical computing system for all now bears your stamp. You secured over 5,000 kits, soon to be shipped to over 60 countries – from Azerbaijan to New Zealand.

What happens next?

Camera Kit, Speaker Kit and Pixel Kit are now moving forward from prototypes into full production, the estimated shipping schedule is:

  • Pixel Kit, Ships First - December 2016
  • Camera Kit - May 2017
  • Speaker Kit - July 2017

Get started now

We’ve opened up, to all backers, the new coding platform that brings these kits together. Try coding sounds with your computer speakers, photos with your webcam, and lightshows – from anywhere. Have a look at 10 things you can do with your Camera Kit or Pixel Kit, for starters.

Need a present?

To celebrate the success of the campaign, we’re offering our backers an exclusive 20% off discount on the Computer Kit Bundle, including free shipping, guaranteed to arrive ASAP so you can win the holidays. You beautiful believers get the best deal we’re going to offer in 2016. (We’ll also let you give 15% off to friends and family.) Check your inbox tomorrow for more details.

And if you are not a backer, you can still celebrate with us because also starting tomorrow we will be offering a 10% off discount on the Computer Kit Bundle for you. Just need to click here to go to the offer.

It’s faster, with new coding content, improved hardware, and intensely colorful stickers.

And it’s a wrap

Over the course of the campaign, we got the backing of people like Novak Djokovic, Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Computer), Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and Notch (AKA Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft) - but it was individual community members like you who made it happen.

As a quick campaign summary, here are some key stats:

  • The preferred pledge has been the Triple Pack, getting you the 3 kits at a great value.
  • The individually most supported kit has been the Camera Kit, it seems that there is a real interests in selfies!
  • The presidential elections have not been able to take away the interest from our North American backers, crowning the region as the most supportive overall.
  • During the campaign 2 new Kano babies have been born.
  • We've had many media outlets showing interest the new kits all over the world. From the Fortune to The Times. Here are some of our favourite reactions:

“it brings coding off the screen and into the physical world. seeing this happen in real time is genuinely delightful” - The Verge

“These DIY kits will build a new generation of makers” -

“Unleash your inner mad inventor with Kano 2's tiny connected computers. Banish boring rectangles by making your own crazy, colourful gadgets” -

“a family of fun, hackable devices that don’t cause any techie headaches when you want them to talk to each other” -

We’re proud to have been part of Kickstarter 2013 and 2016, different worlds, but with a shared spirit – cut out middlemen, merge the arts & sciences, go for the bold over the easy. This is just the beginning for the Kano system, which now extends beyond the DIY PC, and into the physical world, all thanks to you.

We will keep you updated not-quite-incessantly as we get closer to shipment, sharing more glimpses of the production process, stories of success and foible, and of course, projects & challenges to keep you warm. You’ll get them here, but for even more, join our email list, and social channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We’ll see you there

Team Kano

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