Hack Your Start Menu

The best part of having your own computer is customizing it so that it is totally 100% unique. One of the best ways to do that is to trick it out with some sweet Live Tiles!

Give your Start Menu a makeover!

Live Tiles bring your Start Menu to life. Here are some ideas for cool things you can do!

Full Screen Is Better

Your Start Menu is small by default. To make it bigger go to the Start Menu settings and click Use Start full screen

Now let the fun begin!

Funny Photos

  1. Save some photos in the Pictures folder. Why not try a cute cat photo?
  2. Open up the Photos app, and you'll see the pictures inside of it
  3. Next time you open the Start Menu, the photos will show up inside of the Photos Live Tile automatically!

Create a new Section

You can drag tiles anywhere on the screen. Then you can give them cool names like πŸŽ‰Best Section Ever!πŸŽ‰

Weather Wonderland

Fill your Start Menu with a weather forecast so you'll never leave home without your umbrella. The Weather app is probably already somewhere on your Start Menu, but you can resize it to be a Large tile to get a 5 day forecast!

Build Your Own!

You can use code to make your own Live Tiles!

  1. Download the Notifications Visualizer app from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Download this file called HelloWorld.xml. It's the code we will use to create the Live Tile!
  3. Open the app...click on the Tiles section and then Open Document

4. Open the HelloWorld.xml file

5. Click Preview and then the Pin tile to Start button to install it onto your Start menu

This is a preview of your Live Tile. Click Pin tile to Start to install it!

7. Windows will ask you to confirm if you want to add it. Click yes!

8. Now go to your Start Menu! It should be installed! Right click on it and resize it to be a Large tile.

9. Now go back to the code in the editor. This tells your computer what you want in the Live Tile. Read through the code and find where it says Hello and World. This controls the words that show up! Can you figure out how to change it to say I hacked my Kano PC???

10. For the last step, put any picture you want in the Live Tile! To do this just find a picture online you like and replace the image URL in the file.

Put it all together!

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