Computer(s) anyone can make

Don't move...

Our new campaign is underway. You're the early clever ones, and we need you.

The first end-to-end, creative computing **system** is here – based on our three years iteration of the Kano you brought to life.

Three new kits, and a new way to make, learn, and play with code – in the world around you, not just onscreen.

Believe in a new kind of computing, for a new generation?
Cameras that are coded to snap sunsets?
Speakers that respond to sensors?
Pixels that make programmatic art?

Then – tell the world!

A click makes a difference. We've made sure "creative computing for all" has plenty of Early Bird Triple Packs left for you (30% MRSP discount). We've just passed $100K thanks to your shares & support.

What's new?

Everything. But like an old song you just remembered, the harmonies stick.

  • Build a real device with a storybook.
  • Learn code, by playing around.
  • Come together, with curios from dozens of countries.

It's mouth-wateringly good for you. Don't take our word for it. Here are fresh takes on the new Camera Kit, Speaker Kit, and Pixel Kit from WIRED, Fast Company, VentureBeat, CNET, TechCrunch, The Verge, Engadget, Fast Co Design, and Quartz.

A camera anyone can make

A programmable pixel pallette

A speaker-synth you make, like Lego

Code that's simple, human, and free

Give it a go. An open-source, browser-based coding world – the glue of the Kano system.

We set out to take the best of dragged Kano Blocks, the simplest syntax of the typed Make Art, and combine them with a self-directed community – shares are converted into steps.

Kano Code controls the new kits, and lets you make sophisticated, interactive creations, starting from zero (or beyond). You learn from simple stories as you go – like this one.

We're back because of you

Returning to Kickstarter was a no-brainer. The spirit of this community is the spirit of the new kind of computing that's needed: Multidisciplinary + Middleman-suspicious + Pluralist + Populist + Fairly-priced.

We're back because you backed us three years ago, wrote your names in our software, made servers, solar stations, robots, and millions of lines of code, in 86 countries.

Prove us right now – right now. Spread the word. Get a kit (or three). And most of all, get at us with:

Stay tuned

Here and on our new page. Surprises to come – as well as the utterly expected, which is to say, some good stories, at the crossroads of low-cost computing, open-source, and the cunning next generation.

Sleepy love,

Team Kano

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