Weekend Projects #1 - Create and play with code!

We may not all be cheeping and chirping along with Spring, but there's definitely a creative spark in the air. Let's harness the crackling energy and turn it towards something awesome – playing with code!

In today's post you will find three projects, from coding your own cheese to tracking a space station and hacking Minecraft. You will learn about code, play with technology, and make something new.

What should you expect? Think bright and colorful, simple to understand, yet challenging enough to feel proud of.

You don’t need a Kano Computer Kit to do most of the projects here - access them directly from your laptop or desktop.

Code your own Swiss Cheese Generator

We know – what an odd title. But when you've finished, you'll have a random, animated block of delicious cheese.

This project will guide you through the creation of a randomizer, using code blocks, in just a few simple steps. From plain white mozzarella or a block of yellow cheddar, to ever changing combinations of blue cheese or red Swiss, the 'cheeses' are lively and creative.

This project helps you learn about code – and create your own self-generating art!

No Computer Kit Needed - Code your Swiss Cheese here.

Build your own Space Station Tracker

17,150 miles per hour. That’s how fast the International Space Station (ISS) is traveling as it orbits our Earth.

Create a program to track the Space Station as it hurtles around the planet, with step-by-step instructions. In this project, you’ll learn how code can be used in real life, play with data, and style your own map!

This project is a wonderful introduction to the science of outer space. It ignites curiosity and encourages a sense of exploration and discovery. If you’re interested in the ISS and space travel, find out more (here)[https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/main/].

No Computer Kit Needed - Build your Space Station tracker here.

Build your own Instant Shelter in Hack Minecraft

The first thing you need to do in Minecraft is build a shelter. Literally. Or the evil mobs will get you come nightfall. In this project, you’ll learn how to create complete shelters at the touch of a button.

You will program your instant shelter using code. After creating the design for your shelter, you will assign the 'create a shelter' function to a key on your keyboard.

When you press that key... whoosh! Up pops a shelter, and safety from the creepy crawlies of Minecraft.

You’ll need a Computer Kit for this one - Hack Minecraft here.

Do something new, every day!

Check out the computer kit you build yourself for more exclusive projects, and a hands-on introduction to creativity and technology.

You can also explore our online community on Kano World where other makers have now shared over 29 millions of lines of code.

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