Coding powers to unleash your creativity with Kano Code

Kano Code is a step-by-step code learning system that runs in any browser. Give it a go?

Making it easier for beginners to code

Using Kano Code you can program light shows and art that dance to your music, voice-controlled photo-filters and games, code your own living swiss cheese, or even track the international space station on it's journey around the world… and so, so much more!

Makers of all ages can learn, create and play with Kano Code.

Unlock new code powers with step by step coding challenges. Or take some time to explore Playground, and experiment with the code block library. This coding space is safe and free for everyone, to play with code and build their own coding powers.

But, how does it work?

Kano Code is powered by code blocks – drag-and-drop coding tools.

Makers discover how coding works, as the code blocks explore how computers turn information into actions.

Don’t worry about complicated commands or programming languages you don’t understand – Kano Code uses simple English to make coding powers accessible for all ages. All the code you need comes in a handy toolbox and is simple to use.

Share and remix

You can share your creations with other Kano makers. Browse through creations from the community, and remix the code to make something new. You'll contribute to over 28,000,000 lines of code (and more every day), created by makers like you.

What else can I do with Kano Code?

Kano Code gives you a taste of what it’s like to use a computer you built yourself.

Like our Computer Kits, Kano Code is an opportunity to explore how computers work in the real world – and to create, not just consume, technology.

You can program an alarm clock, code an explosion of digital fireworks or create your own cartoon, using your computer and Kano Code. You can also find all these challenges, plus exclusive apps like Hack Minecraft and Terminal Quest, on the Kano Computer Kit.

Kano Code is available online, completely for free. Sign up (to save your progress) and get your own coding powers today.