Code Stunning Street Art Without a Kit!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing lots of exciting creations you can make with Kano Code for the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, and the Pixel Kit.

But did you know that you can code stunning street art, like this creation by WigglyWoo, winner of our Street Artist Competition, without a kit?

Just head over to Kano World. Where you’ll find 7 awesome Street Artist challenges, and step-by-step instructions, that will have you coding your own colorful art in minutes!

Once you’re done, save your creations to Kano World, so that other creative coders can check them out, and remix them - changing the colors, and brushes to create whole new works of street art on screen!

There’s tons of awesome art on Kano World, including WigglyWoo’s competition winning creation (and the code behind it!).

So what did he win for creating such a colorful masterpiece? A Computer Kit of his own, and to see his artwork come to life on the streets of London.

Check it out!

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