Bringing technology into the curriculum, enter the City of Alpharetta

The Kano Computer Kit really comes to life through our incredible educator community. At Kano, we learn new things every day from the diverse ways our partners apply Kano in their learning spaces. The video below highlights a terrific example of collaboration with the City of Alpharetta and Amana Academy. Watch it to learn about Amana's approach to integrating Kano across their curriculum.

The back-to-school period this year marks our second year growing the partnership. We've had a wonderfully busy and rewarding year, with Alpharetta, Amana Academy, and Kano working together to design projects that align with standards across subjects, from coding historic battlefields in Minecraft to creating flags from around the world by coding art. We’ve tailored projects to 2nd graders, 4th graders, 5th graders, and 8th graders, both integrated in the classroom and implemented in Amana’s maker space.

Our partnership with the City of Alpharetta and Amana Academy highlights the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration. We've been able to design and develop our program, learn from feedback, and scale best practices, with support across organizations, to tackle challenges in the community together. We truly work as a project team, across timezones and oceans, meeting regularly to share ideas, plan, implement, and iterate.

This year, Amana's students––future leaders for the City of Alpharetta––continue to use Kano to solve authentic problems as part of Expeditions planned by the teaching team. Learn more about the Expeditionary Learning approach at Amana Academy here. This week, we're thrilled to host a Masterclass on bringing creative computing to the classroom, together with Amana Academy at the EL Conference in Detroit.

We’ve got great plans for growth this year, and we can’t wait for Amana to be among the first schools to use Kano’s new products in the classroom!

Are you an educator and want to know more about how to bring Kano into your classroom? Reach out to our education team.

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