Boom boom! It´s a Speaker anyone can make

Time talk about the Speaker Kit, the third of the kits available on Kickstarter right now. It’s a playful DIY wireless speaker you can assemble and put to work using the Kano Code platform.


Inside the case it´s a speaker and synthesizer driven by a Linux powered single board computer. It also has a 3,5mm jack (we still think they are cool), an omnidirectional microphone, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3 regular USB port, a mini USB port and a recording button.

Similar to the Camera and Pixel Kits, you can plug your speaker to the Kano Computer Kit or any other computer with Windows, Mac or Linux with the USB cable included. Once done you can use the speaker without requiring the battery, using it to play a buzz every time you get an email, for example.

The Speaker Kit comes with the Gesture Sensor, a proximity sensor that allows you to send signals to the speaker based on how close an object is to it. You can use it to transform your speaker into a theremin, a gesture based musical instrument in a super easy way.

Full list of what’s in the box below. Thanks for this graphic creative team!

Open the box and you’ll find the instruction book to assemble your speaker, super easy. You are now equipped with the ultimately customizable speaker. Time to make some noise, drop the bass!

You can send music over from any Bluetooth device or through the always beloved 3,5mm jack. Maybe you prefer to use the built-in mic to record some audio. Once you have some sound coming in you can start playing with it, modifying it, making the waves flow the way you want.

Use the gesture sensor to switch between songs, change volume or create beats based on how close you are. Get yourself an alarm clock with a funny sound, mix and match sensors from the Camera and Pixel kit to create even more possibilities. A tripwire-enabled audio blast mine? Absolutely. We love that one too.

Kano Code is the score that will bring your instrument to life. Use it to tell your speaker what to do. You can start RIGHT NOW, because our awesome team has put together a virtual version of the Speaker Kit on Kano Code. You can play with it, chill and have fun until the real one arrives.

Use the provided drumpad as inputs for your Speaker and customize each of the pads with different sounds. Create loops and make songs like any other instrument can do, but you are in control of how the sound is created.

As soon as you are happy with your creation, zap it to the Speaker so you can take it with you anytime. Set your speaker and you are ready to play with it without the need to be around your computer anymore.

Get yourself a voice changer in a matter of minutes. Want to sound like Darth Vader? OF COURSE YOU DO.

Connect your speaker to real world data and get it to play a sound when you receive a Tweet or tune into the International Space Station.

Want to talk to others? Get yourself a 2 way communication device and turn your speaker into a Walkie Talkie. You can also combine the Speaker with the Pixel and Camera kit for more interesting effects. Take a shot and play a sound when somebody enters a room, display a message and record what they are saying.

Once you are finished creating you can get to Kano World and upload your creations, so others can benefit from your knowledge. If you can see something you like you can zap it to your speaker too! Get others creations and twist them, put your touch on them and share them back with the community.

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