All ages, all over the world

There are no words… Still, as ever, we’ll give it a go.

To see thousands making and playing with Kano – in bedrooms and basements, islands and deserts, young, old, alone, together, everywhere… This moment, without question, is the great privilege of our lives.

This is magic – and it’s only the beginning.


By the numbers

Since it all began last November, Kano has grown three-fold, redesigned, developed and built our first 18,000 kits.

Over the last two weeks we have shipped out 17,155 of these to 86 countries across the globe, 11,542 have been received by customers and 5,613 are in transit.

**Out of the box… **

Last week we asked to see photos and videos of you guys with your kits and in return we promised to offer a 3D printed Judoka! We have seen some incredible unboxing videos & we want to see more! So we are extending the contest 🙂

To anyone activating a kit this weekend – bring a camera! Take a shot of your startup, and for extra points, shoot a creative video.

Then send it to us at or tweet it to us by clicking –> @teamkano For your chance to win a 3D printed object, or some exclusive stickers!

Some inspiration…

In the ether

Yahoo [says]( you’re “bringing the ideals of early Apple — and the Homebrew Computer Club that spawned Apple and many of the other early computer titans — to a new generation.”

The Guardian says "The important thing about the first couple of hours my sons and I spent using Kano wasn’t learning to code. It was laughing together; working together to solve some problems; one son doing something nice for the other.“

And TechCrunch says "Kano has its work cut out — after all, it’s building the whole kit and kaboodle.”

If you need a hand

Whether it’s setting up WiFi, the display, your first few projects, or you want to make your first order! Head over to where you are sure to find the answers you need and maybe some new friends!

If you can’t find what you are looking for there, or you have a delivery query, head to our help center – our wizards are on standby. (Mathew and Megan don’t remember what sleep is, but are somehow still smiling.)

We’ll be back soon with an update as the kits and creations stream in!

Team Kano

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