All aboard?

“For a good idea to become real, there has to be a moment between mania and magic…”

Team Kano, Kickstarter Update #23

Back in 2014, bright-eyed and filled with pride, we delivered the Kano Kit to you; and now it’s time to come aboard the product journey for The Screen Kit.

How are we producing a Screen anyone can make?

Great ideas have humble beginnings, sparked from grand ideas. Throw into the recipe meticulous planning, and the right mix of people and you’re set off on a path to designing, making and shipping a product countless Kano supporters have asked for. But, how does this all come together?

  1. Decision to produce – the big ol’ WHY.
  2. A first, rough design with all the desired components.
  3. Working out whether these components are manufacturable.
  4. Re-working on a realistic design.
  5. Setting up a deadline.
  6. Manufacturing prototypes for testing.
  7. Kitting the final product
  8. Delivery a.k.a. get ready for a makers’ party!

To those who pre-ordered, you made this possible for us and for everyone. So, welcome to this journey and we hope you enjoy the process as much as we do!

Why The Screen Kit?

We made a 30-second whiteboard animation of whys and whens and whatnots:

Based on the feedback we received, we wanted a screen that is:

  • PORTABLE: So that Kano can travel anywhere and across all rooms.
  • OPEN: So that we stay true to our shared mission and aesthetic.
  • HD: So that we offer a high quality experience with a highly simple tool.

(But more on that next time.)

Some Screen Science

While we wait, why not share some screen science with the budding inventors in your home? This 50-second video will teach them what pixels mean!

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