For Ages 6+

Kano is a computing company for people of all ages, all over the world. However, the recommended age for our DIY Computer Kit is 6 years old and up.

We've had people as young as 3 (who needed a bit of help from mom and dad) and as old as 80 use and enjoy our kits. Kids younger than 6 can also enjoy the experience, but they'll probably need an adult helping out. Because the Kano experience is simple yet expansive, even intermediate and advanced coders can build their knowledge and hone their skills with the Computer Kit.

From the little ones at home To the ones growing up From Sierra Leone Working as a team With your granddad Or getting excited by yourself

- Making a computer with mum

    • Discovering how technology can help you*
    • The Science Guy also likes Kano*

Do you have a curious mind? Young or young at heart, the Kano kits can help you understand and be creative with technology, and not just consume it.