A computer made of lights

Friends, inventors, creative souls…

It’s time. The Pixel Kit is finally here, available to anyone, for $79.99. A computer made of lights that you make yourself, like LEGO.

You follow a storybook, build it, connect it to any computer, paint it and code it. With simple steps, for beginners of all ages.

It has 128 LED lights and they dance to music. It displays the weather, the news or funny messages. It breaks the boundary between the digital and the physical.

Shines in the dark

Now, over 150.000 people in 86 countries are making with technology, not just consuming it. Brilliant minds like Nile Rodgers Steve Wozniak, Marian Hill or Karlie Kloss. People like you and me, curious to know what happens under the surface of our everyday devices.

We’ve developed the Pixel Kit to be playful, but also powerful. It is our brightest creation to date and we think you will love it.

A bag filled with Tilt sensors

Getting very excited when our first prototypes arrived

To our backers, THANK YOU for your continued support, patience, cheers and comments as we brought our creative computing vision to reality.

Intrigued? Start making with lights and code.

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