8 cool activities for your Hour of Code


This week, across Britain – the birthplace of computing – all and sundry will celebrate a fantastical Hour of Code. Your first program can seem intimidating, but it’s actually super fun, and these apps will get you making and playing right away.

Make Flappy Bird with Code.org – This 20 minute tutorial lets kids as young as 6 code their own version of the megahit mobile game.

Make Pong with Kano – Make your own version of the world’s first video game with a few clicks. Connect blocks, output code, and watch the game change before your eyes!

Create an app with MIT Media Lab – Want to create the next Angry Birds? Get started making your own Android apps with AppInventor video tutorials.

Make a card with Scratch – Create a cool interactive greeting card to share with friends and family!

Launch a meme with Mozilla Webmaker – Learn HTML and have fun with cat pictures, or explore loads of other fun beginner projects.

Start coding with Codecademy – Packed with tons of tutorials, Codecademy is a great resource for getting started, and they even have a dedicated Hour of Code activity!

Think in code with Thinkersmith – Requiring no tech whatsoever, this fun activity teaches children the connection between symbols and actions, as well as the invaluable skill of debugging.

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