5 Computers Anyone Can Eat

A 10-year-old badass girl called Maddie, turned Kano into a gingerbread creation a while back.

So, naturally, we asked her to put her skills to work again and turn some of the coolest computers ever into edible treats — preferably Christmas themed. The results will amaze you.

1- Commodore 64

The best selling computer of all time sports some pretty tasty looking keys, and a revolutionary use of icing. Mixing pretty inexpensive ingredients, this computer had a lot more zest than its contemporaries — which made it very popular among people who were not necessarily culinary experts.

2- ZX Spectrum

A British classic, powered by vanilla biscuit and chocolate hardware. Its popularity meant that people everywhere wanted to design other treats that went with it.

3- Apple Macintosh

A computer that is as groundbreaking and loved as the Apple pie that powers it. Mix previous achievements, a mouse, and a whole lot of innovation, and you get the most taster-friendly computer in existence.

4- Amstrad CPC 464

Colourful and flavourful, the Amstrad was the funnest of all pioneering (and edible) computers. Its main ingredients were pixels, sounds, and games that made this computer a loved one by many.

5- Kano Computer Kit Bundle

This one’s for those who will always prefer raspberry pie over other fruit, orange versus grayscale, and creating versus consuming. You’ll need: a quiet afternoon, a lot imagination, and a desire to take control.