10 Amazing Harry Potter Kano World Creations

In the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit there is a great little button that looks like this 👇

👆The ‘New Creation’ button opens up the entire coding tool - letting you code, and create with even more objects, spell motions, music, sound effects, backgrounds, and other code blocks that aren't in any of the challenges.

This means you can ✨make your own magic✨ with code. In the Kano World section of the app, are thousands of creations made by people all over the world, who are doing just that. And the best part? You can open up any creation, tweak the code, and make it your own.

Here is just a tiny sample of the most interesting creations we’ve seen so far:

1. Death Eater

by OliverPhelps

2. Illuminate the Library

by JamesPhelps

3. Midnight Snack for Ratty

by TyrantLizardRex

4. Mind That Tree!

by FoxBear

5. Squish The Acromantulas

by kanoli

We’re not sure Hagrid would be happy about this one.

6. Bird Swirl

by kevin86

7. Pumpkin Parties

by LunaBelle

8. So many colors!

by Jemma109

9. Grow a plant

by aaronhinchion

Apparently it’s mandatory to include a creation made by Kano’s Creative Director 😉

10. Musical Potions

by JamesPhelps

Check out Kano World in the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, new creations are appearing every few minutes!

If you’ve seen, or made a really awesome Harry Potter Kano creation, please share it with us.

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